Grief Support through Reiki

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By Bonnie Crosier, RMT, IARP, and  Susan Kirk, RMT, ICRT

Loss comes in many different forms. We lose our keys, glasses, money and other replaceable items. But what happens when we experience the loss of a loved one?  The grief of losing a loved one is not an everyday event and one that few are equipped to handle alone.

griefSymptoms of grief can be felt in many different ways and are not always directly associated with the loss. On the emotional side, feelings of sadness, worry, anxiety and even frustration may occur. There may be a strong yearning to be with the person who has passed away or a desire to reminisce about them. Other normal feelings may be anger or guilt. All of these feelings may even be felt simultaneously.  Grieving a loved one is a multifaceted experience which takes on many different dimensions.

Socially we may feel detached from others and not wanting to interact. Or we may want to discuss our loved one but can’t find anyone who is comfortable with that discussion.  We may lash out when we are triggered by grief and then instantly regret our words.  We might even start laughing at inappropriate times, which leads us back to guilt and shame.

On the physical side, we may have extreme fatigue, prolonged crying episodes and difficulty sleeping. Other physical indications may include aches and pains, a feeling of heaviness or weakness, loss of appetite, or restlessness.  There is no roadmap to know how far you’ve come or how far you have to travel.

man with dogSpiritually you might question the reasons for your loss, or the purpose of life and what is achieved by death. This is a difficult time for many and there may be a feeling that life is not whole.  These are all normal reactions to grief and highly individual.

But where does someone go for help after experiencing a loss? Maybe a health care provider, grief support group, therapist or clergy is your choice. It is extremely helpful to have a support system in place. An additional option to consider is an experienced Reiki provider. Reiki supports overcoming grief in all its many facets by helping to relieve tension; mentally, emotionally and physically.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is extremely soothing and calming.  Reiki energy travels through the body to raise and balance vibrations through the main channels identified in both Eastern and Western medicine; the nervous system, the bloodstream, skeletal system and the meridians.  A Reiki treatment is generally performed when a person is lying in a prone position, fully clothed while the practitioner’s hands are gently placed on or above the recipient’s body and held there for several minutes.

Reiki helps to bring about the Relaxation Response as defined by Dr. Herbert Benson, “The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress… and the opposite of the fight or flight response.”   A pioneer in mind/body medicine, Dr. Benson is currently director emeritus at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. By letting go of the tensions, receivers of Reiki may begin to release these difficult feelings and help reach acceptance.

Reiki as a therapy calms the nervous system and often times enables the receiver to feel deeply relaxed and nurtured.  Reiki creates a peaceful space in the midst of the turbulent times of grief and can help the receiver move forward towards healing.  Reiki does not replace medical help or counseling; it does however allow the body to relax so you can start to heal yourself.

Grief and all its facets may be the hardest experience you will ever have to endure, but you are not alone. Reiki can bring the wholeness to your life situation and lead you to a place of peace. Peace comes from within and opens the door to hope.hands

If you are experiencing the pain from a loss of a loved one and would like to see how Reiki can work for you,  call for an appointment for consultation 309-268-9304 or 309-824-9600. Bonnie Crosier and Susan Kirk are Reiki Masters and some of Bonnie’s work includes hospice. For more information visit their websites, or

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